Drywall, also know as gypsum board, plasterboard and wallboard, is the most commonly used panel board for finishing interior walls and ceilings. Drywall consists of a Gypsum (calcium sulfate) core, with a paper backing. In addition to traditional drywall, there are a number of specialized products to meet specific needs.

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Moisture and Mold Resistant

In high humidity areas, or rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens, long exposure to moisture can damage traditional Drywall. To prevent this, special moisture and mold resistant panels can be used. Glass mat gypsum panels are specially designed to resist moisture and prevent mold growth. The traditional paper backing is replaced with a fiberglass material, and the gypsum core is given a waterproof treatment. Glass mat panels are also useful in cases were the internal walls are hung before the building is completely enclosed and is still open to the weather.

Sound Dampening

Gypsum drywall possesses natural sound dampening properties. Consistently following construction best practices can help maximize those properties. In applications where additional Sound Proofing is needed layered Gypsum products, such as Pabco's QuietRock, or a fiberboard product, such as Georgia-Pacific's HushBoard, can be used. Home theaters, Music rooms and Recording Studios are common applications for sound dampening drywall.